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       Ohio farm ponds provide important recreational, domestic, and agricultural uses that range from fishing, swimming and wildlife viewing to water sources for humans and livestock, irrigation and erosion control. Ponds benefit wildlife by providing feeding and nesting habitat, resting areas and water sources. Ponds that are constructed, maintained and managed with these uses in mind are a valuable part of Ohio’s natural resources.
          We love building ponds! They are good for the environment and make your property more valuable. There are important steps to take to be sure a pond will work on your property.

#1 Soil type. ponds won't hold water in sand or shale.

#2 Water supply. (This will help us decide how large your pond can be) will your pond be stream fed or will it rely on water runoff?

#3 Construction. ponds aren't just a hole in the ground and require proper dike building strategy, depth, and compaction.

        We will take the proper steps to insure your making a good investment! 

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