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Land Clearing & Logging

        If you have marketable timber on your property, no need to worry we will buy it. We know the timber business well and have connections with the best buyers in the state!
       Our team is experienced and has no problem working around existing power lines buildings and other hazards.
        There are lots of different options when clearing land and we can help decide what best suits your needs and budget.

1. Determine What You Want Your Woodlands to Provide

        This first step defines what aspects of your woodland are important to you, and it should also be done periodically as wants and needs change. What is most important: wildlife, recreation, timber, woodland streams? It can also get very specific; for example what type of wildlife interests you most: wildlife associated with a very young forest or that associated with a more mature forested condition? State Service Foresters, Professional Consulting Foresters and Industry Foresters can provide this service.

2. Assess the Woodland’s Condition

      Knowing what you want your woodlands to provide will determine what characteristics your forest needs. The woodland’s condition can then be measured against these characteristics. An inventory of all the trees (called a cruise) will help determine what course of action will be needed. State Service Foresters, Consulting Forest Technicians, Professional Consulting Foresters and Industry Foresters can provide this service.

3. Develop a Management Plan

       The management plan is a description of the owner's management objectives, the woodland's current condition, and a set of prescribed activities that will help the woodland better meet the owner's management objectives. Professional Consulting Forester and Industry Foresters can provide this service.

4. Implement the Plan

        Depending on the nature of the existing woodland and the activities required to make the woodland into what the landowner wants may require a wide range of activities. Even maintaining woodland in its current condition will require some activities.

5. Assess the Plan Periodically 

        Forests are constantly changing through natural and introduced processes. It is important that periodic assessments of its condition be performed to assure the health and maximum potential for meeting the woodland owner's needs.

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